Pillar of Trust Webinar Series

This targets all levels of employees. It is comprised of 11 one-hour sessions that can be used to address team, performance, and other people challenges that have a trust component. This is a micro-learning tool and can be configured as lunch and learn sessions, or something modular. These short sessions can be used a-la-carte or the full 11 sessions can be used.


Per participant for the first 10 participants

Additional information

Why would a company or individual purchase this course?

All levels of employees can benefit from this course. Recommended that the organization starts with leaders unless they are targeting a specific situation or person. Trust is relational and therefore it can be used to address the following types of relational challenges at the root cause level.

1) Diversity, Equity and Inclusion initiatives
2) Engagement initiatives
3) Personal / Professional brands based on trust
4) Conflict
5) Performance
6) Leader Development
7) Performance enhancement / Capacity Building
8) Relationship building within teams
9) Agility, Creativity and Innovation, etc.
10) Remote working challenges

Who can benefit from this course?

Anyone 18 years or older


None required


10 hours

Learning Channels

Webinars only – training calls

Dates of Availability

Custom dates

Minimum Size Class



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