IFB Leader Certification

The purpose of this course is to introduce leaders to organizations as human ecosystems so they can learn to lead within a living ecosystem. This requires a combination of new and old competencies and strategies. What this course aims for is to build skills that not only ensure ST success but IFB Leaders can balance LT and ST organizational needs more effectively. The entire leadership model is dynamic and is based on values that are compatible with trust.


Per participant for the first 10 participants

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Why would a company or individual purchase this course?

All leaders can benefit from this course. It introduces leadership from an ecosystem perspective. Trust Building, Quality Interconnectivity, Flow and Dynamic Balancing are all new skills that can be applied to the following types of challenges:

1) Diversity, Equity and Inclusion initiatives
2) Engagement initiatives
3) Personal / Professional brands based on trust
4) Conflict
5) Performance
6) Leader Development
7) Performance enhancement / Capacity Building
8) Relationship building within teams
9) Agility, Creativity and Innovation, etc.
10) Remote working challenges

Who can benefit from this course?

Coaches, trainers, change facilitators. HR and OD specialists, Managers, Executives, Business Owners


None required


40-45 hours

Learning Channels

Self-study and 10 Webinars (training calls)

Dates of Availability

September 2021 and custom dates

Minimum Class Size



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